Welcome to danholidayleather.com. Call 904-377-0814.At Dan Holiday Leather we have been handcrafting quality leathergoods including sandals, belts and leather handbags for over 40 years. Mens and ladies leather belts and several designs of handbags are available in stock. All Sandals are custom made to order and there are several designs to chose from. All leatherwork is made at our Retail Location on historic Aviles Street in St. Augustine, Florida. Call for our current hours or to make an appointment.

above Left to Right: Dan Holiday Leather Goods including triangle purse with pocket, 4 Sandal Designs in Window and Mens Leather Belt

"These sandals of mine will bear you across the seas, and over hill and dale like a bird, as they bear me all day long; for I am Hermes, the far-famed argusslayer, the messenger of the Immortals." From Kingsley, The Heroes.

The Legend of Dan Holiday Leather

Inspiration--When Daniel Holiday was fifteen around 1951, his mom wanted to go on vacation to Plymouth and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They were there two weeks and he met Raymond Duncan, the brother of the great Isadora Duncan.Raymond and his son had a small shop on Commercial Street, next to the Band B where we stayed. He watched them at work making sandals and that is where he got the original idea to make his own.He didn't do anything about it at the time, but certainly it had a large effect on him later.

The Beginning--Not long after arriving in St.Augustine, Dan got to know and later became friends with the owner of The Boston Shoe Shop, which was the local shoe repair shop. Lloyd K.Rusaw's shop was a block from Dan's Coffeehouse on St. George Street and he and his wife, Janie, literally adopted him. It was Lloyd who taught him everything about leather. He was a master Italian shoemaker from the old school. He was working the leather shop during the days and the coffeehouse on the weekends. Dan made his own sandals and because he wore them in the Coffeehouse, he started getting orders for them. Things were starting to happen.

Dan Holiday Leather-- After returning from Europe in 1964, where Dan apprenticed with a shoemaker in Germany, he decided to open the Leather Shop at a spot near the City Gates.With tremendous support and the help of his father, Dan Holiday Leather was open for business for 30 years. Things were slow at first but it didn't take long for the sandals to catch on. Before he knew it he was making a pair a day, then 2 pair, and at the high point, after 30 years in leather, the business grew and they made 20 pairs a day.

Current Location-- After some years, Dan Holiday has reopened his Leather Shop and is once again making his famous sandals and other quality leatherwork now at 11 Aviles Street St.Augustine, Florida. Click here for link to press article


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